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Interesting Places to See on Bora Island|In which country is Bora Bora island ?

Bora Island, Tahiti, is an ideal place for any holidaymaker to see or explore. This small South Pacific Island northwest of Tahiti is located on a thin fault line that divides it from the neighboring Vanuatu. Surrounded by emerald waters and highly protected turquoise lagoon sheltered by a giant coral reef, it's known for its scuba divers. As well as this, it is also a popular luxury tourist destination where some fine bora accommodation could be found. Listed here are a few of the bora activities that you could participate in while residing at bora island hotels.

On his way back, he stopped at Vanuatu where he established a fort at Cape Horn, which later became the country's capital city. Thus, for the island was created when Cook and his men stayed here to fortify it from the waves of the Tahiti Ocean.

Now, the second world explorer, Christopher Columbus, reached the bora island in 1513 with the concept to reach the Americas. He reached the peak of the island and called it cape Horn because of its rugged, tall shape. It is also where the world's first European language, Portuguese, is spoken. It has two peaks - the greatest point being Cape Mosso, on the east coast of the bora and the 2nd highest point being Diamond Point, on the west coast.

The bora island, like other South Pacific islands can also be known for its diving possibilities. The waters off the island have a variety of tropical fish and coral that offer an abundance of marine life for divers to explore. In reality the island has been declared a marine sanctuary by the us government of the Republic of Palawan.

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